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Math Equations Example. Question 1 : Find the solution for the given equation and check the answer. 4x – 7 (2-x) = 3x + 2. Solution : Given : 4x – 7 (2-x) = 3x + 2. Simplify the left side of

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Click to see solution Solution: First of all we will find the new daily productivity of the farmer in hectares per day: 25% of 120 hectares is $\frac{25}{100} \cdot 120 = 30$ hectares, therefore

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The values of the variables in steps \ (IV\) and \ (V\) form the solution of the system of equations. For example, Solve for \ (x\) and \ (y,\)in \ (2x + 3y = 5\) and \ (3x – y =

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For example, 3x+2 = 11 Now, keep 3x on the left-hand side and bring 2 to the right hand side. Thus, the given equation becomes, 3x = 11-2 3x = 9 x = 9/3 x = 3 Thus, the unique solution of

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