6 Tips for Setting Up a Thanksgiving Buffet

Tips for Setting Up a Thanksgiving Buffet

With the holiday season just about to begin, this would be the best time to start making plans to spend quality time with family and friends. One way to do that would be to host a family thanksgiving buffet. You might be a small family or a large one, or are planning to invite friends to spend some time over a thanksgiving meal. Making plans now for your thanksgiving table will help you get ready for this wonderful day. The following tips will help you in setting up the ideal thanksgiving buffet.

Choose What to Put Where

Tips for Setting Up a Thanksgiving BuffetYou need to determine what goes where between your buffet table and your dining table. Any large item or anything that is hot should be placed on the buffet table. Other smaller items can be placed on the dining table. In planning for what goes to the buffet table and what goes to the dining table, you need to consider what your guests will use on the dining table and what can be left on the buffet table. Everything they will need while on the dining table to make it easy for them to serve should be placed within reach. Everything else should go to the buffet table.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Part of the planning process is to ensure that you have all you need during the thanksgiving buffet. You need to plan for platters early in advance so that you don’t run out of dishes when your guests are sited. Make sure you have sufficient dishes by laying them out on the table and labeling them.

Find a table to Place Drinks

Look for a separate table where you can place all the drinks. Make sure the drinks are not too far off and are within reach so that when your gusts need a drink, they can reach out and get themselves what they need.

Have an Organized Flow for the Buffet

Once you are ready to set up the sitting area and the buffet table, make sure you have everything you need and then determine where each and every item will go. You need to set up an area where your guests can pick up their plates and then a serving area where they will serve themselves. The serving area must be well organized so that the flow of traffic is not disruptive to anyone. Consider which food, drinks, salads or any other items should be first in the flow. Make sure your guests are able to serve food in an orderly manner and then go to the table where they can sit and eat. Take care of the hot meals so that you are not left with a table that has been damaged. You can use trivets for that purpose.

Make Sure Your Guests Understand the Dishes Getting Serving

Tips for Setting Up a Thanksgiving BuffetYou need to make sure your guests understand what they are eating. Some might not want to serve certain dishes as a preference and others probably have health complications and will want to avoid certain dishes. It helps to label every food item so that your guests know exactly what they are getting served.

Make the Entire Buffet Presentable

Make the entire buffet experience a presentable one by using color matching schemes for your table, dishes, linens and everything else. Consider using table paddings to protect your tables, but also to keeps the tables from pulling. You can also use table runners to spice up the entire atmosphere. You can use your imagination to make sure that everything looks great on Thanksgiving Day. You should consider gifting each of your guests by placing a wrapped gifts at each sitting place.