How to integrate sin 3x

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Example 7 (iii)

Integrating the third power of $\sin(x)$ (or any odd power, for that matter), is an easy task (unlike $∫ \sin^2(x)\,dx$, which requires a little trick). All you have to do is write the expression as


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Integral of sin^3(x)

Integral of sin(5x)sin(3x) - How to integrate it step by step!πŸ‘‹ Follow @integralsforyou on Instagram for a daily integral πŸ˜‰πŸ“Έ @integralsforyou https://www.
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integral of sin(3x)

The integral of sin 3x can be calculated using the formula for the integral of sin ax which is given by ∫sin (ax) dx = (-1/a) cos ax + C. Mathematically, the integral of sin 3x is written as ∫sin 3x dx

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