How to calculate sohcahtoa

SOHCAHTOA is a mnemonic device helpful for remembering what ratio goes with which function. SOH = S ine is O pposite over H ypotenuse CAH


How to Use SOHCAHTOA: Tips and Examples

Step 2: using the labels O and H, that we found in step 1, we choose the only one of the three words, SOH CAH TOA, that contains both of those letters. We quickly see that corresponds to S OH, which tells us that: s i n ( 31) = O H. Step

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Trigonometry SOH CAH TOA (trigonometric ratios)

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SOHCAHTOA Examples Formula Rules

Step 2: Using the labels, made in step 1, look for the only one of the words SOH, CAH, or TOA that contains both of the letters O and H, or A and H, or O and A. Write the corresponding trigonometric ratio for the unknown angle; s i