How to Choose a Commercial Tankless Water Heater for Your Restaurant?

How to Choose a Commercial Tankless Water Heater for Your Restaurant

Restaurants are a business where the supply of hot water is a must. Hot water is required in the restaurants for cooking, cleaning, sanitation and washing needs. There is always a threat of water heater failing due to the heavy use and high temperatures. However, running hot water is not required so, having a standby heated water tanks can prove to be quite expensive and also needs significant space to accommodate them.

Water heaters have been a substantial concern for restaurant owners until recently. The commercial tankless water heaters have proved to be the best solutions for the problem but choosing the right one has become quite difficult for the owners with many types available on the market.

How to Choose a Commercial Tankless Water Heater for Your RestaurantTankless water heaters as the name reveal do not have water tanks to store water. These water heaters do not heat the water stored in the tank but comprise of a high-powered burner that heats incoming cold water quickly to meet the high demand of continuous supply.

Are you wondering how commercial tankless water heaters work? Tankless water heaters use advanced technology for heating, when a hot water valve is opened, the sensor in the device detects the incoming water flow and the high-powered burner automatically fires. Water enters the secondary hear exchange chamber and is pre-heated there and then reaches the primary chamber and gets heated to the desired level. The tankless water heater supplies hot water continuously till the valve is turned off.

If you are looking for a commercial tankless water heater for your restaurant, then you need to choose one that best suits your specific requirements.

Heating requirements

If you are planning to go for a commercial tankless heater for your restaurant, first you need to determine the hot water needs of your restaurant before you start looking for units. The amount of hot water required at the peak hour and how much cold water needs to be heated will help you to determine your hot water needs. Estimating the amount of hot water required is easy and can be done by counting the number of fixtures used for hot water and the flow rate of each installation.

Power Source

How to Choose a Commercial Tankless Water Heater for Your RestaurantOnce you estimate the amount of hot water required to be heated based on the fixtures and flow rate, you will be in a position to decide whether a gas-powered or electricity-powered tankless heater works right for your restaurant. If you were using small heaters at the points required to supply hot water, then you may be required to upgrade your electrical system or gas supply to match the supply needs of the commercial tankless water heater requirements.

  • Electricity powered

If you are planning to go for electricity-powered tankless water heater, then it can prove little expensive upgrading the entire power unit to match the power requirements of the heater.

  • Gas Powered

Gas-powered tankless water heaters are more powerful than electric powered ones. And if you are thinking to go ahead with gas-powered heaters then there are two things you should know; first is does your restaurant get enough gas supply to power the heater and the second is how do you remove the dangerous exhaust gases.

Outdoor Commercial Tankless Heaters

How to Choose a Commercial Tankless Water Heater for Your RestaurantThe issue of venting can be resolved with an outdoor commercial tankless heater if the restaurant is in the temperate climate. These outdoor heaters are designed in a way to withstand wear and tear from extreme environments. Apart from that, these heaters free indoor space which is very valuable when it comes to a restaurant. The outdoor heater also saves on the cost of venting. The heaters are generally installed in a recess box to maintain the look of the property from outside.

Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

The condensing tankless commercial water heaters are powered by gas features a heat exchanger which circulates the hot air to preheat the cold water. Which means energy is renewed and used, instead of using fresh energy which saves you on the gas bills. However expensive steel or aluminium venting is required for condensing heaters to vent off the exhaust gases as PVC pipes may melt to the high temperature of the combustion gases.

You can choose a commercial tankless water heater that best suits your requirements by considering the above things for your restaurant.