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Why Your Kitchen Needs a Pot Filler Faucet

The question that rings in many people’s minds when doing kitchen renovations is whether to install a pot filler faucet or not. Although this trend is beginning to catch on, the reality is that pot filler faucets have been with us for more than a decade. They were mostly installed in high end kitchens and it was not until recently that the trend started trickling to the average households. Another type of kitchen faucet are wall mount faucets

Some of you may be wondering what a pot filler faucet is. It is a faucet mounted on the wall above your stove or cooking range.  The main function of a pot filler faucet is to fill up pots and pans, so that you do not have to carry them from the tap to the stovetop. Unlike a normal faucet, this filler faucet has a unique disjointed design that allows it to tower over pots and also swing back to the wall when not in use. Here are reasons why your kitchen needs a pot filler faucet:

A pot filler faucet is convenient

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Pot Filler FaucetThink about it- you will not need to carry pots full of water from the sink to the stovetops. Some pots are quite heavy even without water. For instance, the Dutch cast iron oven weighs around 15 pounds. Now, if you were to add a gallon of water (weighing around 8 pounds), then transporting such a pot from the sink to the stovetop may be a challenge, especially if you are old or weak.

Some critics argue that you will still carry the pot back to the sink to rinse out excess water. However, without the pot filler faucet, you will carry the heavy load twice as opposed to once. The situation may be worse during dinners and get togethers, when you have to use a lot of water to prepare various dishes.This heavy lifting can only work for you if you are a workout junkie.To avoid back injuries and muscle strains, install a pot filler faucet.

These faucets reduce accidents and water spills

Carrying water filled pots from the sink to the stovetops may result to water spillages on the floor. A slippery floor increases chances of serious accidents. It further adds more workload to your already busy schedule, because you will be forced to clean the floor. Again, critics claim that a leaky faucet over a stove can lead to serious damages, which is true. However, this can only occur when you seek the services of a fraud to do the installations. Look for a reputable company to do proper installations and repairs even if it will cost a few extra dollars.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Another popular faucet are the wall mount kitchen faucets that have several benefits over the normal kitchen faucets, such as you don´t have to drill holes into your sink and bacterial build up is therefore less than it would normally be.When it comes to choosing a wall mount faucet there are several great brands to choose from that offer nice design and colors to match your interior of your kitchen. The editors over at the have done a great overview in this article Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets & Pot Filler Faucet where you can choose the best wall mount kitchen faucets and pot fillers according to their ratings.

It will facilitate multitasking while cooking

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Pot Filler FaucetOne of the things that slows down the cooking process is relying on one faucet.The pot filler faucet will do the work of filling the pots, while the sink can be used for other functions like washing dishes and cleaning vegetables. Furthermore, a normal sink is designed not to support large vessels. With a pot filler faucet, you will be able to fill the large containers without a problem, thanks to its elevated design.

They add resale value to your house

One of the places people tend to look at when searching for a house to buy is usually the kitchen. Adding a pot filler into your kitchen will place your house above the competition. And contrary to what critics may tell you, installing a pot filler is not very expensive if you factor in all the benefits you will enjoy. The plumbing process and design for a pot filler is the same as installing a water line for a refrigerator or an ice maker. Remember, pot fillers have been associated with luxurious kitchens for a longtime. Having one in your house will automatically improve the value of your house, as opposed to not having one.

Pot fillers may act as a décor for your kitchen

A pot filler will add a bit of flair to your kitchen, regardless of the type of faucet you choose. An empty wall is actually dry and boring. With a pot filler, you will be killing two birds with one stone. The standard model of a pot filler is stylish, however there is a wide variety of faucets with different finishes and metallic compositions, such as stainless steel, polished nickel, matte black, Venetian bronze and champagne bronze. Therefore, there is a faucet that meets your needs and perfectly complements your kitchen color and décor.

As you can see, a pot filler is a sound investment that will be worth every cent spent. If you are undecided whether to install it today, you may put the necessary infrastructure to allow you to install in the future. This will cut down future installation costs and also reduce serious damages to your kitchen.